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Gold OA infrastructure group; notes of the telcon 6th September 2013

The group meets by phone every 2-3 months.  Here are the notes from the last call. Present: Neil Jacobs, Tim Devenport, Nawin Gupta, Roy Kaufman, Nicola Swann, Roy Kaufman, Richard Wynne, Lars Bjornhauge, Cameron Neylon, Simon Thomson, John Walker, Paul Walk, Gemma Hersch, Ian Potter, JR, Ken ? (CCC), Ed Pentz, Richard Gedye, Graham Taylor, […]

OAI8: Innovations in Scholarly Communication. June 2013, Geneva

Introduction The OAI workshop on innovations in scholarly communications took place last month in Geneva. One session there was focused on Gold OA infrastructure, and my notes from this might be of interest to readers of this blog. Panel session, Gold OA infrastructure Geoff Bilder (CrossRef) Lars Bjornhauge (Directory of Open Access Journals) Johannes Fournier […]

Gold OA infrastructure: next steps

At a telephone conference on 5th July, representatives of funders, publishers, standards bodies and universities agreed to follow up the proposals from an earlier workshop, and take some important next steps. Those present on the conference were Lars Bjornhauge, Peter Burnhill, Anna Clements, Tim Devenport, Richard Gedye, Neil Jacobs, Robert Kiley, Caren Milloy, Ed Pentz, […]

Exchanging mutually understandable article-level metadata

A key business case identified by the UK Gold Open Access Infrastructure initiative is to “pass mutually understandable article-level bibliographic and administrative metadata between publishers, funders and universities”. And if we throw in authors and APC-collecting intermediaries for good measure, plus complex article titles and multiple authorship and funding schemes, we have a heady mix […]

Does a model for machine-readable licences continue to have a role in an Open Access future?

Getting on for a decade ago, Digital Library Federation’s Electronic Resource Management Initiative (ERMI) identified a need for machine-interpretable expressions of the licences issued by publishers for the use of electronic resources in libraries. The sheer number and variety of licences for e-resources which were in use made it impossible for anyone to know (at […]

Expressing funder, institutional and publisher policies in a machine-readable way

1. Readable by whom and for what purposes Information needed OA policy information is needed by the following players for the following purposes: Funders need information linking each of their individual project grants to the publication details and publication status of individual research papers resulting from the research these grants have funded. I am assuming […]

CrossMark Gold OA Blog

Communicating Open Access Information in Human and Machine-readable Ways What are the issues to address? In many content databases, articles are tagged as Open Access (OA) at the journal-level. This approach works for publishers and journals that publish only OA content, but there are different types of OA and different licensing and embargo information that […]

Wellcome Trust: researcher compliance with our open access policy mandate remains a key priority

Monitoring and raising researcher compliance with our open access policy mandate remains a key priority for the Wellcome Trust. In June last year we announced measures to increase compliance with the policy – introducing specific sanctions for researchers and their institutions who fail to comply. In addition to these sanctions, we strengthened our policy with […]

The PI Warrior and The Bag of Gold: OA Metadata & University Accounting Practice

Peter Burnhill, EDINA (Jisc centre for service development & delivery), University of Edinburgh Preamble The warrior I have in mind as hero for this story is the Principal Investigator (PI) who plays a vital role in leadership and decision-making within a university and with research funders. This role includes research reporting and the formation of […]


Welcome to this site, which is intended, for a short time, to promote discussion on the subject of the technical infrastructure needed to support Gold Open Access to published research papers. There will be a series of posts added to this site over the next few weeks, and we hope that they will provoke you […]