Cost of Double Glazed Bi-fold Patio Doors

Buying Bi fold Patio Doors

bi fold patio doors costMany people try to save money on bi fold patio doors cost and look first at the headline price of the work, this is seemingly sensible, but if you don’t take care then you could be letting yourself in for some longer term expenses even if you initially find one of the best double glazed patio doors deals.

The reason to not instantly go for the cheapest priced bi-fold doors may not be that obvious at first, but if you think about it, then it will make sense to do a bit of analysis of what you are going to get for your money.

If you are looking at different designs, then check that you are getting reinforced frames, multi-point locks of good quality, and many people can get caught out by cheap locks that need repairing after a year or so.

Make sure that the weather seals on the windows are up to a good standard and that the overall energy efficiency is of a good rating – You can check the EER (energy efficiency rating) by looking at the colour coded label from the BFRC (British fenestration rating council) which should be identified on the door unit itself.

Getting cheaply made double glazed bi-fold patio doors does not necessarily mean you are getting a good deal and an ‘ounce of prevention’ is worth more than a ‘ton of cure’