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orangeires UKThe alternative design to a conservatory when adding an extra room to your home could be the Orangery as it offers a large freedom of choice when it comes to design options, unlike a conservatory, orangeries can be “free standing”, in other-words not directly attached to the main house.

One of the main differences between the 2 designs is that orangeries make wide use of pillars, solid panels and have a distinctive “atrium style” roof.

As they are almost always bespoke designs and may be medium to large in size, you will need to take some time to pre-plan what you want from the room and  have consultations with several Orangery specialists before parting with deposits & signing contracts – for example, even though a standard conservatory is classed a s “permitted development” the size of your new orangery & the work involved may well mean that you will require planning permission prior to commencing any work. It would be a disaster to pay out your hard earned cash only to find that the local authority won’t allow you to build what you want.

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