Solar Panels and Roof Tile Design

Impact of roof tiles on solar panel installation costs.

Solar Panels and Roof Tile DesignThe majority of domestic solar panels systems are installed for the family home, and it would be fair to say that over 90% of these installations are fitted to the roof of the property. go to

As a homeowner, you may have given little thought to how much impact the type of roof tile may have on the cost of installing the solar panels, but there is a marked difference in the amount of labour and time it takes to install panels to a concrete tile roof and a slate (whether it’s real slate or not).

With concrete tiles, to fix the roof rail mountings to the underlying roof frame, the installer very often needs only to simply slide up 1 or 2 tiles to uncover the rafters, but with “slate”, because of the way they overlap, the installer needs to remove sometimes 5 or 6 tiles. Multiply this by a factor of 16 or 17 for a 4 kW solar panel system and you can see that the time and labour involved increased significantly.

Bearing in mind that the equipment costs are fixed, the amount of labour needed is then the deciding factor that influences the overall cost of installing the solar panels.

So if you have a slate roof, expect your installation to cost more than the equivalent installation on “standard” concrete tiles.